Welcome to Limitless

We help Mail Plus customers like you answer questions from other customers, and earn rewards and points through our app. Here’s a quick recap of what you’ll do on Limitless as a Mail Plus Help Adviser

  • RESPOND to questions in your task list
  • REVIEW answers from other Help Advisers
  • EARN money and rewards when you answer a question and it’s been reviewed as the right answer
  • RECEIVE CUSTOMER RATINGS on your answers, which will be displayed on the app as your rating

And what topics can I NOT answer? 

  • Complaints - all dissatisfaction about price, product, subscriptions etc
  • Cancellation of subscriptions
  • Refund requests, incorrect charges
  • Retailer questions
  • Reward cancellation, damaged or faulty
  • Vouchers not delivered or expired
  • Points expired
  • New subscription (Pre-sales need to be forwarded, welcome can be answered)
  • Media- or legal queries, sensitive content
  • Personal data/privacy queries
  • Subscription fails to auto renew

Ok, take me through the topics I CAN answer

Queries regarding the apps and subscriptions

Mail Subscriptions
This is the new way to enjoy the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday anytime, anywhere. The digital edition has been created to be as similar to the newspaper as possible.

All of the sections and supplements are included but the printed 'pull-outs' can be found at the end of the day's issue in the Mail Plus app. The unique numbers are also not in the digital edition.

Editions of Mail Plus are published on a daily basis from Monday through to Sunday. The first edition of the paper on Mail Plus is available at 11pm the previous night. The final edition will be available from around 2.30am UK local time.

Packages available:

Mail Plus Digital Subscription - £10.99 per month

  • Delivers the digital edition of the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday including magazines Weekend, YOU and Event
  • 26 puzzles to play in the app, videos and full-screen photo galleries
  • Receive tomorrow's newspaper straight to device the night before
  • Package allows you to never miss an issue anytime, anywhere

Saving with an annual subscription
£9.99 per month (Minimum period 12 months.)

Premium Subscription - £25.78 per month

  • Delivers the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday newspapers every day of the week, including all magazines and supplements
  • Plus full access to the best interactive digital newspapers on your tablet and smartphone every day, anywhere in the world, free of charge
  • Ability to pick up the newspaper every day with personalised vouchers
  • Plus get up to £40 of FREE shopping vouchers with Britain's most generous newspaper rewards club

Accessing Mail Plus
You can read Mail Plus on all iPads and iPhones with the iOS7 software and above; the Amazon Fire and Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, most Android tablets, plus many Android smartphones. You can do this by simply going on to the App Store on your tablet or smartphone and search for 'Mail Plus'. Once downloaded you just need to sign in using the email and password you used to create the subscription.


You can log in through our website. You will need to go to www.mailsubscriptions.co.uk, go to the homepage, scroll down to where it says 'Launch on your computer' and click on the black box. It will then ask you to sign in with your account email and password. You can then access and view all the editions — including the UK edition and Scottish editions — back to December 2016

You can use the Mail Plus app on up to three separate devices under one subscription.

Puzzles and Games
The customer will have full access to 26 fantastic puzzles to play in the app, stunning videos and full-screen photo galleries as well as full access to all supplements and magazines including YOU, Weekend and Event.

The puzzles are optimised to work on the iPhone and take up very little memory on any device — allowing 26 brand new puzzles to be offered every day. All of the puzzles can be played in the Web Edition of Mail Plus by going to https://web.mailsubscriptions.co.uk

On the iPhone there is currently one puzzle missing, Pitcherwits, which will appear soon.

Queries about amending account details

If a customer wishes to change the details on their account, they are able to do this themselves whilst logged on to their account through the website. Once signed in, go to the ‘My Account’ area and you can update payment details, addresses, passwords and all other personal information.

There is an email that will get sent when changes have been made to their personal details. It is just a security email to confirm the customer has edited details on their account.

There is an option to delete older editions on the Mail Plus apps. Open the app. Tap on the 'Past Issues' icon which will show all previous editions of the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday. If you tap the ‘Bin’ icon in the top right of the screen, this will give you the option to delete any saved issues you have.

Resetting Password
If you need to reset your password you can do this by going to www.mailsubscriptions.co.uk. On the Sign In screen, click the 'Forgotten Password' link underneath the sign in box. The email address the account is set up with will be required to be entered, an email will then be sent with a link to reset the password.

How to set up a new subscription

We can help customers when they have queries about how to use set up a new subscription.

  • To take out a new subscription the customer will need to go to our website at www.mailsubscriptions.co.uk/subscribe.
  • Choose which subscription package best suits them and click the 'subscribe' button next to the price.
  • Then create an account by inserting personal details e.g. address, password.
  • Finally, at the payment page the customer just needs to add the payment method and pay for the subscription.
  • If a customer does not have an email address, a free one can be created with a number of providers including Google (@gmail.com).


Voucher books for Premium (or Print-only subscribers) will continue to be sent every 13 weeks for the duration of the subscription. The next voucher book will arrive approximately 10 days before an existing book expires.

If a customer has been sent duplicate vouchers they will need to send the older copy of the booklet back. As they’ve been sent a second booklet this means their old booklets vouchers will be invalid and for this reason they need to be sent back.

Mail Newspapers gives all Premium subscribers free access to the Mail Plus apps — which can also be used while abroad. Subscribers have access to the Mail Plus apps anywhere in the world where they can get an internet connection. This gives subscribers easy access to the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday while on holiday.

Gift Queries

Mail Plus currently does not offer gift subscriptions. If there are any gift offers in the future, they will be advertised on www.mailsubscriptions.co.uk

Technical Support - Basic Troubleshooting

We can help customers with basic technical support when they are having difficulty with something on the app.

Download problems — partial downloads
If a device is connected to WiFi, then there is no reason why an issue will not automatically download by 4am. Once an issue has downloaded about 9% on an iPad or about 30% on Amazon/Android devices, then the issues can start to be read. To fix a partial download issue, simply delete the issue and re-download that issue.

Problems downloading the app
The website offers a full step-by-step guide to downloading the app. This accommodates all devices the application is compatible on. The link to our website is: https://www.mailsubscriptions.co.uk/default/index/faqs-details/tab/3/question/1

Mail Plus app crashing
There are two common reasons for this occurring.

  1. Low storage on device - This will contribute to the app not working and memory will need to be cleared up to allow the app to work properly.
  2. If the above doesn't fix the application then it is recommended to try deleting and reinstalling the app. This will fix any bugs and clears up any unnecessary memory that app is using.

What's next?

Ready to take the Mail Plus Quiz? Once you complete the quiz, our team will give you feedback. You'll receive £10 once you've completed the Mail Plus quiz and the Limitless quiz successfully.

We'll also add some practice questions on the app for you. Be sure to try them out and have some fun while getting familiar with the platform.