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What's in it for me?

Limitless rewards your brand ambassadors for resolving enquiries £10
Successfully complete the quiz
and do some practice questions in the app
Limitless rewards your brand ambassadors for resolving enquiries Earn upto £1.50
For every user experience test you complete, which gets postiviely reviewed by the Limitless team.

Great. What do I have to do?

You need to do 1 simple task on the app to earn money

RESPOND to test scenarios

In the Limitless app, you will find tasks which ask you to test new features and provide feedback on your user experience. there are 5 types of tasks:

  • Telephone tasks
  • Check the information provided is correct
  • Test a feature
  • Is a process working?
  • Provide feedback/your opinion on user experience

Once you provide your response to a test scenario via the app, it will be reviewed by the Limitless team. Once it has been reviewed as a satisfactory submission, our team will rate your answer positively, at which point you get paid. Your balance will be updated in the Limitless app, and you can redeem your earnings at any point from the app.

Nice. How much do I get paid?

The cash you get awarded depends on the complexity of the test scenario and the time it will take to complete. There are 3 different fee bands:

  1. 50p: These tasks should take you around 3-5mins to complete
  2. £1: These tasks should take you around 6 mins to complete
  3. £1.50: These tasks should take you around 10 mins to complete

All telephone tasks will have a £1.50 fee to cover any incurred costs when calling the Customer Service number.

Great, tell me more about the different task types.

  • Telephone Task: These types of tasks will require you to call the Customer Service number and either go through the telephone messaging to complete the task or speak to a Customer Service agent.
    Please note that the number you call will be charged at the standard national rate. Calls costs from mobile companies and operators may vary so please check beforehand.
  • Task Compliance: Contact Centres sometimes experience call spikes due to an unforeseen increase in contact volume. In the unlikely event you are not connected to an agent immediately while completing a telephony task, please do not stay on hold for any longer than 30 seconds. It is best to hang up and provide us with feedback when you respond to the task.
  • Check the information provided is correct: You will be required to find and read information, whilst also confirming that it is correct. You may also be asked for your feedback on the information provided.
  • Test a feature: You will be asked to test a specific feature on these types of tasks, you will be given step by step instructions to make sure you are accessing it in the right way.
  • Is a process working?: These types of tasks may require some more time to complete as you will be asked to test a feature but also confirm if the process is working correctly. For example, requesting a new pin. Don’t worry the task will still appear in your task list once you are ready to provide feedback.
  • Feedback/your opinion: These types of tasks will usually be related to one of the above and will require you to provide feedback on the specific area that you have tested. It is important to be as thorough as you can be and feel free to provide any improvement areas too.

Super. What else do I need to know?

Press PASS on the app, if you do not want to attempt a task. You will notice that each task will indicate what type of customers that can complete the tasks. If you see a task that is not appropriate for you, please press PASS.

Do not use the FORWARD button. In the app, you'll see an option called FORWARD. Do not press this button, as it won't do anything specific.

PRESS REPORT: If you require further instructions to complete a task, please press REPORT and send a note to the Limitless team.

Note the disclaimers: Please read each task carefully including any associated DISCLAIMERS. These include important information that the team would like to make you aware of before completing the task.

What I should include in my response once I've completed a test scenario.

Once you've completed a test, please make sure you include the following information in your response:

  1. Whether the test was a success or a fail.
  2. The device, network and browser that you used to complete the test. For e.g. Device: iPhone 6s, Network: EE, Browser: Safari.

Show me an example


Test a feature - Reset password on mobile app
Confirm that you can reset your password through the mobile app. Here are your step-by-step instructions:

  1. Launch the E-servicing mobile app.
  2. In the login page click on the ‘Reset password button’.
  3. Enter your personal details. Enter your account number by changing the option as your account number and Click on the next button.
  4. Enter the new password on the ‘create a new password box’ and confirm new password.
  5. Click on the ‘Update Details’ button.

How to respond to this task

Hi, I tested this feature successfully and noted the following:
The password recovery screen was displayed and once I reset my password this was confirmed on screen.
Device: iPhone 7, 4G on EE network.
Suggestion: It should be made clearer what the requirements are for a password. Also, it was not obvious that you were not able to use a password that has previously been used.

How NOT to respond to this task

Tested and it works fine. Everything was clear using the step by step instructions.

What's next?

You’re all set to take our Limitless quiz. Good luck, you've got this!