Get going in 3 simple steps

more about the Limitless app by reading
this page and then completing the quiz.

about how you can chat to people intereste in Sun
Basket by exploring the learning and completing a quiz.

answering queries on the app
and get ready to earn.

What's in it for me?

Limitless rewards your brand ambassadors for resolving enquiries $10
Successfully complete both quizzes
and do some practice questions in the app
Limitless rewards your brand experts for resolving enquiries $1.40
For each question you answer which gets positively reviewed by other experts

All you need to do to earn money, is Respond to and Review questions in the app

1. RESPOND to questions

You'll find questions from potential customers in the app. To earn money, you’ll need to provide helpful responses to their questions, share your own personal experiences as a Sun Basket customer and encourage them to sign up. If you aren't sure of the answer to a question, you can use the Sun Basket website or the Knowledge Library in the app anytime.

When you send your answer, you'll see 2 options - 'Respond & keep conversation open' and 'Respond & end conversation'.

  • Choose 'Respond & keep conversation open' if you need more information from the potential customer in order to answer them effectively. This button allows you to ask the potential customer a question and keep the conversation going. By keeping the conversation open, you own the whole conversation and earn the whole reward for resolving the question.
  • Choose 'Respond & end conversation' if the potential customer has made it clear that they require no further assistance. Remember, if you use this option too early and the potential customer needs further help, they can then reopen the question and you might risk losing a portion of the reward for solving it. So, make sure you've solved the potential customer's question completely before using this option in the app.

2. REVIEW responses by other experts

Reviewing is a key part of being of the Limitless app. You'll see tasks in your app labeled 'REVIEW'. To review you just need to read the response another real customer has created and vote how useful it was.

Experts only get paid if the reviews provided by their peers is fair, so please review them fairly. You would want them to do the same for you.

Watch this helpful video to see how to both Respond and Review to customer queries.

What else do I need to know?

Press PASS on the app, if you're not sure how to respond to a question.

Press REPORT if you see any content that is inappropriate or sensitive information (such as an email address, address details, credit card information etc.) from either a customer or another real customer – our team will review the content.

Personal Information: Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is any data that could potentially identify an individual (e.g. name, address, phone, email). Please do not share any PII when providing a response on the app.

You will also see tasks where the conversation has already started with the potential customer for you to continue assisting them.
You’ll be able to continue the conversation in the same way you answer a question – i.e. by typing into the ‘response field’. When you are doing this, take care not to repeat what the previous real customer has said and ensure you are adding value.

Remember you can earn money on these responses too. Other ambvassadors will review all the responses associated with the question, the points and rewards will then be split based on the voting outcome.

What are my voting options?

  • LIKE if you think the response is correct
  • DISLIKE if you think the response is not correct
  • BEST ANSWER when the response is clearly, unquestionably awesome and can't be improved upon.

Ok, any tips for creating great responses?

Be yourself
Your goal is to respond to the customer’s query, make them feel valued and show that you care that they have taken the time to get in touch. It's that simple! It’s your personality and brand passion that will really make the difference in your responses. We rely on you to be natural, warm, and polite to customers.

Follow the Limitless 5-step approach

STEP 1: Thank the customer for taking the time to contact.
STEP 2: If you need more information to provide a helpful response, don't hesitate to use the 'Respond & keep conversation open' button on the app. You'll find this option, once you create a response and press 'the paper clip' icon to send the response.
STEP 3: Make sure you answer all points if there are multiple questions.
STEP 4: If appropriate, send links to where useful information can be found online.
STEP 5: Personalise the response, make it your own! Share your experience and stories.

Check your spelling & grammar
Remember to do your spelling and grammar checks. A poorly worded response will reflect badly on the brand and ultimately on your customer satisfaction rating.

Make sure you use the Knowledge Library in the app
Once you are in the app, use the Knowledge Library to help answer queries. It is populated with relevant templates to standard queries. Simply type a relevant word into the search bar and you'll find relevant links to your question. You can use the templates in the Knowledge area to supplement your responses, but please don't forget to personalize and add your own knowledge and experience of using the service. Customers will appreciate it.

What's next?

You’re all set to take our ‘All About Limitless’ quiz. Good luck, you've got this!