Module 1

Account Settings and General Functionalities

Customers may ask account-related questions, examples include: how to recover their compromised account, how to customise and personalise their account, how to manage their contacts, or how to send a video. This module will explain how to help customer inquiries related to these topics.

Customising and personalising your email account

Compromised/Blocked Microsoft Account (MSA)

Other general functionalities

Customising and personalising your email account

Below are 8 simple tricks you can share with customers to change their settings, so their email looks and behaves the way they want it to. Refer this self help article to find all the relevant instructions.

    1. Change the theme: Under Theme, customers can choose from one of the themes displayed. They can also select “View all themes” to choose from more options.
    2. Turn off the customize Conversation view: If customers don't want their messages to be organised by conversation, advise them to go to Conversation view and select Off. If a customer prefers Conversation view, they can choose whether they want their newest messages to appear at the bottom or top of the thread by selecting Newest messages on top or Newest messages on bottom.
    3. Show or hide the Reading panel: Under Reading panel, customers can choose Show on the right, Show on the bottom, or Hide.
    4. Turn Focused Inbox on or off: If a customer wants their messages to be sorted into the Focused and Other tabs to help them focus on what matters most, advise them to go to Quick settings and slide the toggle to the right if it's currently turned off.
    5. Show or hide sender images: If a customer doesn’t want to see a photo of each sender in their message list (or the sender's initials, if a photo isn't available), advise to slide the toggle left to turn it off.
    6. Group messages by date: By default, messages in the message list are sorted by date with headings dividing them, for example, Yesterday, This week, Last week, and more. If a customer doesn’t want their messages sorted by date, advise them to slide the toggle left to turn it off.
    7. Show or hide attachment previews: When the Attachment preview toggle is turned on, a preview of attachments will appear in the message list. If a customer doesn’t want to see previews of attachments, advise them to slide the toggle left to turn it off.
    8. Show or hide message preview text: By default, shows three lines of information for each message in a customer’s inbox: sender, subject, and part of the first line of text. If a customer wants to condense their message list or doesn't want the first line of message text to be visible, advise them to slide the toggle left to turn it off.

See more settings: Advise customers that if they want to find other ways to personalise the experience, they can scroll to the bottom of Quick settings and select View full settings.

Compromised / Blocked Microsoft Account (MSA)

If a Microsoft account has been compromised, it means that someone might be using the account to access personal information or send spam. Such information could include emails, contacts, and photos from and OneDrive. It could also include health data if the customer has connected services like HealthVault.
Luckily there are some easy steps to get customers back into their account, review their personal information and settings, and help them prevent this from happening again. Refer the following self help links to help the customer:

My account has been hacked

How to access a compromised account

Other general functionalities

You will also be able to help customers on the following topics. More information can be found in the in-app Knowledge Library or on the self-help pages.

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