Misroutes – Other Microsoft products

Sometimes customers will ask questions relating to other Microsoft products. Refer customers to the appropriate team by choosing the right Microsoft property by following this link.

Misroutes - Managing subscriptions

When a customer has a question relating to subscription issues, refer the customer to Accounts & Billing support. Refer to https://account.microsoft.com/ to view and manage subscription information.

Misroutes – Non-Microsoft companies

When customers refer to a non-Microsoft product, e.g. Facebook, Gmail, etc. refer the customer to the third party for support.

Misroutes – Windows questions

When a customer has a question relating to Windows, refer the customer to Windows technical support. Refer to support.microsoft.com for content and help with Windows. The Contact Us links on support.microsoft.com articles should provide access to Office technical support.

Outlook client issues

When a customer has a question about connecting Outlook.com to the Outlook client for PC or MAC, or have questions about the Outlook client itself, refer the customer to Office Outlook support. Refer to support.office.com/outlook for content and help with Outlook client.

Extra information in our Knowledge Library

You will also be able to help customers on misroutes for office core apps. More information can be found in the in-app Knowledge Library.

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