Welcome to Limitless

We'll be helping members of MyMail customers like you answer questions from other members, and earn rewards and points through our app. Here’s a quick recap of what you’ll do on Limitless as a MyMail Help Adviser

  • RESPOND to questions in your task list
  • REVIEW answers from other Help Advisers
  • EARN money and rewards when you answer a question and it’s been reviewed as the right answer
  • RECEIVE CUSTOMER RATINGS on your answers, which will be displayed on the app as your rating

Great, what topics can I answer? 

And what topics can I NOT answer? 

  • Complaints - all dissatisfaction about price, product, subscriptions etc
  • Linking your Nectar Card
  • Providing feedback
  • Media or legal queries, sensitive content
  • Help with points balance

Ok, take me through the topics I CAN answer

About MyMail & Nectar

MyMail has teamed up with Nectar bringing together the UK’s largest loyalty scheme and the UK’s most popular news brand. As well as Mail rewards, MyMail will also give exclusive Nectar offers and all the benefits of Nectar

Each edition of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday has a Unique Number on the back page, which customers can enter into www.mymail.co.uk to collect Nectar points. They will collect:

  • Monday to Friday - 5 Nectar Points each day
  • Saturday - 10 Nectar Points
  • Sunday - 15 Nectar Points

Customers will also receive a bonus 30 points for collecting five out of seven days (Sat-Fri). There will also be regular bonus points.

Customers will need to link a Nectar card to their MyMail account before they can begin redeeming any offers. Nectar points can be spent on a variety of great offers on MyMail. These are shown on one page called ‘Offers'.

A Nectar corner flag on some of the Offers denotes that it’s redeemed via the Nectar website and customers will be redirected to the Nectar website to complete.

Certain Offers will require Unique Number entry and use of Nectar points. These Offers are only available to our loyal readers of the Daily Mail, and by doing this, we can offer them at the best value.

Account queries

Create an account

Customers may get in contact and need assistance in creating an account. They can do this by following the steps below:

  1. Click: Join MyMail
  2. In the New Customers box, enter email address and select Continue
  3. Enter details, choose if you’d like to be contacted about our news and offers, then select Continue
  4. The account has now been created and you’ll be directed to the My Account page – this is where you can manage your account. Customers will be asked to link their MyMail account to a Nectar account

There’s one account for everything Mail – so once an account has been created with MyMail, the same login details will apply for Mail Shop and Mail Subscriptions.

Customers can also begin collecting Nectar points, for this they will also need a Nectar card.

Forgotten password
If customers have forgotten their MyMail password, you can direct them to the sign in screen, they can click the 'Forgotten Password' link underneath the sign in box. The email address the account is set up with will be required to be entered, an email will then be sent with a link to reset the password.

If the customer has forgotten the email address they used to sign in, the Customer Service team will need to deal with this.
If customers have forgotten their Nectar password, they will need to get in contact with Nectar Customer services or go to www.nectar.com/forgotten-password

Update Acccount Settings
Amending existing account details can be completed in a few steps once signed in online.

Two-Factor Authentication
To keep customer’s MyMail accounts secure and their Nectar points safe, there has been an introduction of an extra layer of security that will sometimes need to be completed.

  • Customers will be sent a 6-digit PIN and they need to enter into the white box.
  • Once completed, customers can continue to redeem the Reward as usual.

There is a 10 minute time limit on the code, so in the case it expires, customers need to start the process again and be sure to use the code within the timeframe.

Unique Numbers

Understanding Unique Numbers
Unique Numbers are the 12-digit numbers that can be found at the bottom of the back page of the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday. Every time a customer enters a daily Unique Number at www.mymail.co.uk they will collect Nectar points.

Entering Unique Numbers?
Once customers have signed into their account, they can enter the Unique Numbers in the row of boxes at the top of the MyMail home page.

How long do customers have to enter in Unique Numbers?
Customers have until midnight, four days from the date of publication to enter each Unique Number. E.g. Customers must enter a Unique Number from Saturday’s Daily Mail by 11.59pm the following Wednesday.

Issues with a Unique Number/ Report a missing Unique Number
If customers have a missing or illegible Unique Number, or they are having a problem entering it at www.mymail.co.uk , they should follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to MyMail account and select 'Missing a Unique Number?, at the top of the page next to where you enter Unique Numbers
  2. Choose the date of the paper from the drop down menu
  3. Select the reason why you’re unable to enter your Unique Number
  4. Correctly answer a question about the paper purchased
  5. The points will be added to your account

To prevent fraud, customers can only use the Missing a Unique Number? once a week. If a customer needs to report another problem with a Unique Number in the same week, they will need to contact Customer Services

Available offers and rewards

Every week will bring a new set of offers. These are usually featured in the paper editions, the Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday. However, a full list can be found at Rewards.

On every offer, you can select ‘Find out more’ to see how to redeem, what you’ll need to get it and how you’ll receive it. Some are free, although may require postage to be paid, or you may be required to enter a Unique Number from certain dates, and others may require a certain amount of Nectar points.

Customers will be able to redeem most of our offers within the MyMail website, but for some of the exclusive offers from Nectar, customers may need to be redirected to Nectar’s website.

Redeeming an offer is nice and simple, if customers have enough points, they can follow the instructions to get the reward!

Orders and eVouchers

eVouchers will be sent to the customer’s email address within 24 hours – it usually arrives more quickly. Customers should check spam or junk folders if they have not received it.

M&S and Debenhams eVouchers do not need to be printed, these can use in-store by showing the email on a smartphone. All eVouchers can be used online.

eVouchers can be seen by signing into a MyMail account, click My Account and then View All Redemptions. Here you will see history, by clicking View Details it will reveal the eVoucher code.

If the customer has ordered a reward to come by post, this should arrive within 28 days, but aim to get it delivered much sooner.

Points balance and reward history

Once signed in to MyMail, customers can see their full Nectar Points balance at the top of the home page.

To see points history or the rewards redeemed through MyMail, customers can follow these steps:

  1. Select My Account in the top right corner
  2. Select MyMail Nectar Points or My Redemptions

In order for customers to see their full rewards history, including where and how many Nectar points you collected, they can just go to nectar.com This is because MyMail doesn’t know where else customers have spent their Nectar points.

Get help using the website

Some customers will find it hard to navigate around the website – or may get errors or technical issues. You can solve most technical issues with the website by asking the customer to restart their web browser or to try using a different browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Alternatively, you can suggest trying restarting their device.

What's next?

Ready to take the MyMail Quiz? Once you complete the quiz, our team will give you feedback. We'll also add some practice questions on the app. Be sure to try them out and have some fun while getting familiar with the platform.