When responding to Unilever questions you will find a field called Product Coding which helps you provide information regarding which product the consumer is contacting about. This can be the product, the variant and the size.

Please watch the video right explaining how it works and how you would do this on the Limitless app.

As you may have seen in the video you need to follow a few steps to enter the product detail and tick/untick the correct boxes.

To start, here is a brief description of what they mean -

Form – What the product is? Is it a soap, shampoo, conditioner, washing tablets etc.

Variant – The name of the product. Is it a colour care shampoo or is it a limited edition Marmite jar

Size – What is the size of the product? This can vary depending on product

Note – You can always read the description of each of these words by hovering over the ‘i’ icon when responding to tasks.

For example – Dove Colour Care Shampoo 50ml

Scenario Consumer question Finding Product Code Select: Size/Variant/Form
1 Hi, I am looking for Dove Colour care 250ml, I have gone to various stores, help me! Find correct product Tick all boxes
2 I bought Dove Intensive shampoo last year, but I can’t find it. It is my favourite shampoo! Find correct product Tick only boxes which are known
3 I love your Magnum products, please send me samples Select any product which belongs to that same Brand Untick all the boxes
4 Can you sponsor me? Select “Unilever Corporate” product code Untick all the boxes
5 Spam query Select “Unilever Corporate” product code Untick all the boxes