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We help Sage Business Cloud customers like you earn rewards and points by answering questions from other customers.
Here’s a quick recap of what you’ll do as an Ambassador.

  • RESPOND to questions in your task list from Sage customers.
  • REVIEW answers from other Sage Ambassadors.
  • EARN cash when you provide a correct and verified answer to a question.
  • RECEIVE CUSTOMER RATINGS on your answers, which will be displayed on the app as your rating.


Ok, take me through the topics I CAN answer

Managing a subscription or upgrading a service

When Sage Business Cloud customers get in touch asking about upgrading their existing service or managing their current subscription, you can assist them by advising;

  • If they have signed up directly, they can use the ‘Edit Subscription’ option to manage their subscriptions. They can also view their subscription cost, quickly and easily sign up to additional services or unsubscribe from a service. When customers change their subscription options, their billing amount updates immediately, and they’re billed for the new value.
  • If a customer wishes to cancel their service, they need to email their request to sagebusinesscloudsupport@sage.com from their registered email address. Customers can find more information about subscription, upgrading and cancellation here https://help.sageone.com/en_uk/mysageone/settings-service.html

Migrating from one service to another

Customers will get in touch asking about details or assistance with migration to a Business Cloud service; you should let the customer know that it is recommended they speak to their Accountant (if they use Accounting Partner Edition) as they can do the migration for them in just a few steps.

If the customer prefers to migrate their data manually, they can follow the steps in this guide https://help.sageone.com/en_uk/accounting/switching-to-sage-one-accounts-extra-from-sage50-accounts.html

Request for change of data

Sage Business Cloud customers will get in touch asking to change data (email, address etc) on their account.

To change their details or view their unique reference number, customers can do this from the ‘Edit My Profile’ option. From there, they can change the first and last name entered when they first signed up. They can also change their password and security questions.

You can find more information about changing details here: https://help.sageone.com/en_uk/mysageone/settings-user.html

If customers need information about changing business contact information: https://help.sageone.com/en_uk/accounting/settings-business.html

Requesting to Restart/Restore data

In certain circumstances, customers may need to start their Sage Business Cloud service again. They can easily do this using the Reset Data option. This clears the information they've entered so they can start again but keeps their user, business and billing information.

Before resetting their data, we recommend that customers print any reports or make a note of any information they need. For example, customer and supplier details, VAT numbers, or employees’ details.

Bank feeds & Setting up Bank feeds

If a customer gets in touch about issues with their Bank Feeds, you can find all the information to assist them with their query here: https://help.sageone.com/en_uk/accounting/bank-feeds-overview.html

To set up bank feeds, customers can find this information here: https://help.sageone.com/en_ie/accounting/extra-bank-feeds.html and select their bank to get further instructions.

Sign in issues, Browser Compatibility, Setting up Account and Error Issues

If a customer is unable to log into their account, there are several things you can advise them to help resolve this:

  1. Clearing their internet browser history, cache and cookies then try logging into again.
  2. Check that they are using the correct email address to log in and confirm that they’re entering this correctly before attempting to log in again.
  3. If they signed up using Google or Facebook, they must complete the following steps:

    1. At the login page, click either the Google or Facebook button
    2. Enter their log in details, then click Log In

If they are unsure of their password, we recommend resetting it.

You can find more information with instructions on how to do this here: https://help.sageone.com/en_uk/cashbook/sageone-login-troubleshooting.html

You can find real-time updates on technical issues here trust.sage.com and advise customers of status where applicable.

Editing transactions, invoices, credit notes, quotes and all records

Customers may need assistance with editing their invoices, credit notes, quotes, transactions and all records; You can advise them around this.

For editing invoices; https://help.sageone.com/en_ie/accounting/extra-settings-invoice-and-quote.html

If a customer creates a credit note with incorrect details or in error, they can delete or void it. Voiding the credit note removes its values from Accounting; however, it remains in their accounts so the credit note numbers are sequential and they can view it if required, you can find more information about this here; https://help.sageone.com/en_ca/accounting/extra-purchase-credit-notes-delete.html

If a customer needs to edit a quote, they should do so before converting it to an invoice. If they've already converted the quote, before they can make any changes, they must first void the invoice, for more on how to void an invoice click; https://help.sageone.com/en_uk/accounting/extra-sales-invoice-void.html

To manage and edit quotes click; https://help.sageone.com/en_uk/accounting/extra-sales-quotes.html

Account settings i.e. year-end date and change customer info

If there’s a change to the contact information for a business, customers can update the details. This updates the information that appears on the invoices and statements that the customer sends out.

Customers may need to edit their customer and supplier records in Accounting, you can provide assistance with the information here; https://help.sageone.com/en_uk/accounting/extra-edit-existing-contact.html

Business and settings

If there’s a change to the contact information for a customer’s business, customers can update the details. This updates the information that appears on the invoices and statements that you send to customers. You can find more information on how to do this here; https://help.sageone.com/en_uk/accounting/settings-business.html

Reconciliation & related issues

Sage Customers can use the bank reconcile option to match the bank transactions entered with those on the statement from their bank. Reconciling these values means the bank balances and transactions are accurate. Before reconciling their bank account, customers should make sure they’ve entered all their transactions up to the end of their bank statement. If they use an online banking service, they may be able to download their bank transactions instead of entering them manually. To assist customers with reconciliation please click; https://help.sageone.com/en_uk/accounts/bank-reconcile.html

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