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Congratulations on making it this far. Read this page and then do a quiz to test your knowledge about Turo. Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you every step of the way! You will be helping Turo customers like you by answering their questions, which allows you to earn rewards through our app. Here’s a recap of what it’s you need to do as a Turo Ambassador:

  • Respond to questions in your task list
  • Review answers from other Ambassadors
  • Earn money when you answer a question and it’s been reviewed as the correct answer
  • Receive customer ratings on your answers

Turo customers may have questions about what Turo is and what it offers. The queries can be diverse, ranging from how discounts work, how to list a car, to how to book a trip. You will be able to help customers out by sharing some of your own experiences and by using the self-help pages. Your tips will be perfect for first-time users and potential customers who are seeking some clarity on a Turo-related matter.

Topics YOU CAN answer

Setting up your account

How Turo works for bookings

How Turo works for hosting

How to list and manage a vehicle

General Pricing & Payment questions

Planning and booking a trip

How to request and accept trip modifications and extensions

How direct deposit works

Earnings timeframes

Topics YOU CANNOT answer

Claims related questions

Advice on purchasing vehicles or maximizing Turo earnings

Giving advice on what to price vehicles at

Questions related to a host's personal financials, direct deposit amounts, or earnings

Requests for reimbursements

Post trip - late returns, extensions and vehicle swaps


Guest verification, identity, or identification related questions

Host, guest, mutual, or Turo cancellations

Confused Carla is not sure how to set up an account with Turo.

Carla is new to Turo and wants to set up an account to rent a car. She is not sure about the requirements she will need to be able to rent a car. "Can I rent a car if I’m under 21?", she asks you.

How can you help Carla?
You can explain to Carla that she cannot book cars on Turo if she is under 21. If she is under 25, she will have to pay a young driver’s fee.

What you need to know
You can help Turo customers with all sorts of enquires related to setting up their account, as well as the requirements to be able to rent on Turo. Have a look at the type of queries you can expect.

Puzzled Peter Puzzled Peter wants to message a host before booking a car.

Peter is flying in from Spain for his holiday and wants to book a car with Turo. While he is browsing the Turo platform to find the perfect match, he sees a car he likes but isn’t sure if it has enough seats for him and his family. “How can I ask the host if the car has enough space for me and my family before I book the trip?”" he asks.

How can you help Peter?
You can tell Peter that each listing has the number of seats included at the top of the vehicle’s listing page. You should also tell Peter that the only way to message a host is by requesting to book a car at the same time.

What you need to know
You can help Turo customers by answering questions related to booking a car. These may be questions on how the delivery system works, how they can collect the keys, which cars are available to rent or if they can contact the host before. Check more information on booking a car.

Savvy Sally wants to list her car on the Turo platform.

Sally is thinking about listing her car on Turo. She is very proud of her car and takes good care of it. She wonders what the requirements are for listing her car on the Turo platform. "Which cars do you accept?", she enquires.

How can you help Sally?
You can advise Sally that Turo accepts passenger cars that are legally registered in the United States (except New York) and are meeting all the requirements highlighted on this page: Requirements for listing a car

What you need to know
Potential hosts will have question about listing their car on Turo before they rent it out to another user. For an overview of possible enquires have a look here: Listing your car

Please do not answer any legal or insurance-related questions. You can simply select ‘Forward’ within the app to send insurance and legal related questions back to Turo customer care.

Baffled Ben is lending his car for the first time and is unsure about the start time of the booking.

Ben is a first-time host and has a standing booking with James. James asked if he could pick up the car an hour earlier than agreed in the booking. "Should I hand over my car when James is early?", he doubts.

How can you help Ben?
You can advise Ben that any significant changes to a standing booking, like changing the start-time, must be updated through the Turo platform. This is important to ensure the right coverage in the protection plans. You can also share details on how James and Ben can modify the start time through the Turo app by providing a step-by-step guideline. Or alternatively, simply guide Ben to the self-help page on this topic.

What you need to know
Both host and guest will have questions about bookings that have been made. For a first time host it can be because they have never lent a car to someone from the Turo community and have questions or doubts on how the hand over procedure works. More information can be found on the following page.

Motivated Michelle is a new host and wonders how much she can earn.

Michelle just listed her car on the Turo platform and wonders how much money she will earn."How much of the total booking fee will I receive after a completed booking?", she asks you.

How can you help Michelle?
You can tell Michelle that Turo hosts typically receive 75% of the trip price, delivery fees, and additional mileages charges. Earnings range from 65% to 90% depending on the protection plan selected. You can also advise her to have a look at the self-help page on this topic by sharing the link on Earnings and Payments. However, you don't want to tell Michelle which host protection plan she should choose. That's up to her, and she can talk to Turo if she wants to know more about claims and insurance.

What else you need to know
Hosts may also ask questions related to (automatic) pricing, discounts or how to arrange reimbursements. You can find an overview of related topics you can help a host at this link: Pricing and Payments

What now?

You’ve completed your Turo learning. Now you can start your Turo quiz. Good luck! Remember, you can always refer this page anytime after starting the quiz.