Good news! We will be helping Unilever to acknowledge and reply back to ratings and reviews that consumers leave regarding Unilever products online. This means there will be more tasks available, and therefore more chances for you to earn.

How much will I earn?
For every consumer review/rating you respond to with the appropriate template, you earn $1.50

Great, what tasks can I respond to?
All ratings and reviews on products whether good or bad!
There are two different types of scenarios that you will come across that you can respond to;

  1. Product availability, praise and feedback on a product - these you can RESPOND to with the relevant information
  2. Complaints, dissatisfaction on a product – these you can RESPOND to and REDIRECT the consumer to the Consumer Service email address

And what tasks can I NOT respond to?
If there are any ratings or reviews which are extremely sensitive or the consumer refers to anything PR related or legal action, please use the FORWARD option on the app to flag to the Limitless team.

  • Those that contain sensitive content or are of a sensitive nature
  • Any mention to a threat to the brand, this includes mentions of a threat via social media
  • PR related reviews

In any of the above scenarios, please use the FORWARD option on the app to flag to the Limitless team.

Ok, take me through some examples
Consumers may leave ratings or reviews on a product they have purchased that they are not happy with and/or have not met their expectation.
You should make sure that your response is concise, tailored, and reflects the tone of the consumer's message. It’s important to mirror the consumer's tone of voice.

Here are some examples:


Example 1:

I switch my deodorant thinking this stuff would be better, but I was wrong. It leaves your armpits wet and sticky all day, and after 8 hrs of sitting at work I smelled BO! Not happy with the deodorant.

An ideal response from you:

We appreciate you giving the Aluminum Deodorant a try - we're sorry to hear of your experience as the quality of our products is very important to us. Please contact us at so we can learn more. We look forward to hearing back from you.


Example 2:

Very upset. Wash was not full. It was liquid already in the pump. This was a baby shower gift.

An ideal response from you:

Thanks for posting a review of our Baby Dove gift set. Our team is disappointed to learn that you received one of our products in this condition. We'd like a chance to hear more about your experience, so please reach out to our Consumer Services team directly via email at We look forward to your message!


Example 3:

I got this product and was very disappointed. I felt like I was using hand soap and had to use so much just to have a full shower.

An ideal response from you:

Thanks for trying our Dove Shower Foam Deep Moisture Foaming Body Wash. Your feedback is very helpful and our team would love an opportunity to learn more about your experience, so please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Example 4:

I love this product; I am obsessed with the range – I get so many compliments 😊

An ideal response from you:

We appreciate your feedback! It is great to hear that you love our Foam Dry Shampoo and also our entire range. We hope you continue to enjoy our products.


Example 5:

I liked the smell, and the idea. Unfortunately after a few hours, it just didn’t work for me! My body completely went against it, I think!

An ideal response from you:

Thanks for your comments - we're sorry to learn this product wasn't quite right for you and we'd love to help you find something more fitting to your needs! Feel free to reach out to Consumer Services directly at We look forward to hearing from you.

If the consumer asks a question about the product

On occasion, the consumer may ask a specific question relating to a product. You can respond to these queries using the information available to you on the Limitless Knowledge and the brand’s website.

If the information you require is not available to you, please use the FORWARD button on the app to pass this onto the Consumer Service team to look into.

All done! Great stuff!

You should see several practice questions appear in your task list to put the above into action. Please complete them as soon as possible and you can start earning extra money!