You are halfway through your learning to become a Reserve Troop member. We help World of Tanks Troopers like you resolve questions from other players through the Limitless app and earn cash rewards . Here’s a quick recap of what you’ll do as a Trooper.

  • RESPOND to questions in your task list (in German and English).
  • REVIEW answers from other World of Tanks players.
  • EARN money when your answers are reviewed postiively by other Troopers.
  • RECEIVE RATINGS FROM PLAYERS YOU'VE HELPED which will be displayed on the app as your rating.


And what topics can I NOT answer? 

  • Complaints and negative feedback
  • Billing enquiries
  • Abusive content or sensitive topics
  • Quesions where you require internal tools to open attachments, media files etc. (for e.g. Replay clips)
  • Answer unknown
  • Ticket misplaced – question about wrong topic


  • Be respectful, friendly & polite.
  • Be specific for each case using players’ examples.
  • Respond to queries that have replays uploaded on
  • Use your personal experience as a player to create connections.
  • Provide links to Knowledge articles, forums, whenever possible.


  • Do not reply to insulting players.
  • Do not use abusive language in your answers.
  • Do not blame Wargaming or other players when there is an issue.
  • Do not sign off with your in-game name, but use your first name to represent yourself as a WarGaming Trooper.

Ok, take me through the topics I CAN answer

Game Mechanics

Where to find the Knowledge

Visbility/Spotting mechanics: Find all relevant Knowledge here. Visibility is an important part of the game and you'll receive frequent enquiries on how this works. Spotted vehicles are displayed onscreen much more quickly, and the difference will be particularly noticeable when spotting enemy vehicles at a distance of more than 300 meters. Vehicles that spot enemies from long distances will have a little more time to make a shot right after spotting an enemy vehicle. Spotted vehicles will have a harder time crossing short, open areas since they will immediately appear on the opponents' screens. They'll have to zig-zag or use other manoeuvres to throw off enemies' aim, or just choose another path.

Fair Play Policy: Wargaming has been working hard to take on the feedback of players to improve the very core of the game. One of the foremost concerns has been fair play and how it is often disturbed with modifications or any other unauthorized third-party software that provide those using them with an unfair advantage in combat. These mods spoil the fun for the many of you who play the game fairly.

We’ll continue to expand our work on anti-cheating technology solutions.We have implemented clear rules around game violations and penalties . These are uniform across all regions and applies to everyone found to be using the prohibited software.

Check the Mod Hub to see which all modifications will be penalized

Example of an answer dealing with Game Mechanics

Since the implementation of our new Fair Play Policy , we have been closely monitoring our game and tracking the use of unfair modifications. Sadly, some of the mods you have been using fall within the category of unfairness and cheating and are, therefore, not permitted in our game. In the article above, we have advised our players to be careful when using any mods and to avoid using them if they have any doubts regarding their functionality. Therefore the message was very clear and now there is no excuse for the continued use of mods that offer an unfair advantage.
As in the Fair Play Policy announcement, there are 2 types of the restriction:

  • 7 day game ban:If you received it, consider this as a final warning and the last chance to remove mods that are against the policy rules.
  • 7 day game ban:Permanent game ban: If you received this suspension, it means you continued using the forbidden modifications despite the final warning.
  • We are sorry such action had to occur, but our aim is to guarantee fair play, strategic satisfaction, and overall fun to all our players. Additionally if you want to still use mods and be sure they are safe, feel free to check Mod Hub , where all mods are checked if they are not breaking the rules. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Game Settings

Where to find the Knowledge

Questions to expect:

When the player asks for information regarding a mission, the best way to handle the issue is to follow these steps:

  • Understand which mission the player is talking about (personal mission, event mission, etc)
  • Copy the mission conditions & requirements to the player
  • Investigate which condition or requirement he did not complete and explain to the user
  • Give advice on how to complete the mission (use of a different tank, game mechanic hint such as penetrating other tanks, spotting etc.)

Use your own experience with the game to help the player fulfil his/her mission. Also, note that all requests to complete the mission for the user on our side have to be denied.

Missions and Specials

Where to find the Knowledge

Questions to expect:

  • Mistake in requesting female crew
  • Did not receive female crew member after finishing mission
  • Issues with 'inviting a friend'.
  • Recruit missions
  • Compensation for the mission marathon

World of Tanks players have the chance to take part in our Refer a Friend recruitment program that will allow them to invite other people to the game. When a player invites new players to a game, you and those you have invited will receive unique bonuses. For more information on how to send an invitation, please check
this link.

Experience and Credit Mechanics

Where to find the Knowledge

Questions to expect:

  • Questions about discount of premium account
  • Tank not earning experience
  • Crew training / retraining log
  • Lost free experiences

Crew Management

Where to find the Knowledge:

No vehicle in World of Tanks can operate without a complete virtual crew. The crew operates the vehicle under the direction of the player. The size of a complete crew varies, depending on the vehicle. Crew members fill one of five designated roles. The 5 roles are Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio Operator, and Loader

Just as vehicles accumulate experience for every battle, so do crew members. Each crew member has a Personal File, which records battle statistics, medals, training level in the relevant Qualification, and training level in any Skills and/or Perks acquired. Credits or gold can be used to immediately train a crew member up to 75% (using credits) or 100% (using gold) in the relevant qualification. Credits/gold cannot be used to boost the training of Skills and/or Perks.


Where to find the Knowledge

Achievements are awarded to players for exceptional performance in battle. Medals and titles are attached to the player's own statistics as well as individually for tanks and crew members. To see your own achievements, simply go to the statistics in game, and the top bar will show all the medals and titles you have been awarded. In the statistics page, you can click on one of your tanks to show its own statistics as well as the achievements attached to it. To see another player's medals you can right click on their name and "statistics" and it will show the medals that that player has earned.

Achievements can fall under Battle Heroes, Honorary Ranks, Epic Medals, Group Awards, Commemorative Tokens, Stage Awards and Rampage Players might often want to contest why they didn't receive an achievement. If they have uploaded replays on to , you can study the replay and offer your advice and recommendation on how they can improve their in-game experience.

What's next?

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