You are halfway through your learning to become a World of Warships Trooper. We help players like you resolve questions from other players through the Limitless app and earn cash rewards . Here’s a quick recap of what you’ll do as a Trooper.

  • RESPOND to questions in your task list.
  • REVIEW answers from other World of Warships players.
  • EARN money when your answers are reviewed postiively by other Troopers.
  • RECEIVE RATINGS FROM PLAYERS YOU'VE HELPED which will be displayed on the app as your rating.

Please note that you'll be receiving queries in the app in French and you'll be answering them in French as well. Once you are in the Limitless app, you will have the chance to practice and get up to speed.

And what topics can I NOT answer? 

  • Complaints and negative feedback
  • Billing enquiries
  • Abusive content or sensitive topics
  • Answer unknown
  • Ticket misplaced – question about wrong topic


  • Be respectful, friendly & polite.
  • Be specific for each case using players’ examples.
  • Respond to queries that have replays uploaded on
  • Use your personal experience as a player to create connections.
  • Provide links to Knowledge articles, forums, whenever possible.


  • Do not reply to insulting players.
  • Do not use abusive language in your answers.
  • Do not blame Wargaming or other players when there is an issue.
  • Do not sign off with your in-game name, but use your first name to represent yourself as a WarGaming Trooper.

Ok, take me through the topics I CAN answer

Battle experience calculation

Where to find the Knowledge

Ship Commanders and Skills

Where to find the Knowledge

Commanders become available at Account level 7 and can only be trained for one ship at a time. Transferring them to a new ship will require them to retrain, except for premium ships of the same nation and class.

Earning Commander's Experience (XP) on battle will allow you to unlock up to 19 skills. Test your preferred Commander's Skill Tree here

Mission Rewards

I was so close to completing a mission, can I get the reward anyway?

We are totally aware of how tough such situations can be, especially after honest dedication towards our game and wanting to get as much as possible from our special offers and contests. This makes it even harder to say that, unfortunately in such situations, there is nothing we can do, as the time limits of our missions are set in stone. Please also note that making any exception in the matter would be highly unfair for the rest of the players who did their best and successfully planned their efforts in game to reach all the goals in time.

Important! When close to the time limit, please always remember that the time of finishing the battle, not starting it, is important in regard of including battle results into the mission, as the results are known only after the battle and can only then be counted as valid for the requirements! When the battle finishes after the mission is over, our server simply doesn’t see the mission anymore.

Example: Monthly mission “A” ends on 1st of January 2014 at 6:00 UTC. You enter the battle at 5:50 (mission is still available), but the battle took longer than usual (for example it finished by a Draw) and it’s finished at 6:05. At 6:05 the mission has already finished and the battle result won’t be included in the mission’s requirements.

World of Warships Mod Policy

World of Warships has been popular with the modding community and the number of mods available today is quite significant. This has lead to an increase in the number of questions from our players concerning the safety of particular mods.

Also, refer these links:
Fair Play Policy - Hacking and Unfair Mods
Mod Policy: 3-Strike Rule

What's next?

Ready to take the World of Warships quiz to become a Trooper? Once you complete the quiz successfully, you can log into the Limitless app.