Forgetful Fatima wants her Microsoft subscription to auto-renew.

Forgetful Fatima wants her Microsoft subscription to auto-renew. She has managed to log into her account, however, cannot see an option to turn on recurring billing. ‘Why won’t it give me this option?’, she asks you. How can you help Fatima?
If Fatima cannot see an option to turn on recurring billing, and she is sure her subscription is still active, this means that her subscription is already set to auto-renew. She doesn’t need to do anything further. Or, if her subscription has expired, tell her to search for a link to ‘Renew’ it on the subscription page once she’s logged in. If she cannot find this link, Fatima needs to head to Microsoft Store to purchase herself a new subscription!

Panicky Pedro wants to turn off auto-renew.

"Why is my subscription continuing without me doing anything each month? I don’t know how or why this is happening!" cries Panicky Pedro, "Is there anything you guys can do to make it stop?"
Pedro’s account has been set to auto-renew. If he would like to turn it off, tell him to log into his account and select Payment and Billing > Change > Turn off recurring billing. It will turn off and he will receive a confirmation email. However, if he doesn’t see this option, this could be because his subscription is prepaid. You can’t turn off recurring billing for prepaid subscriptions; you must wait for the payment to run out. The good news is that when Pedro’s account reaches the expiration date, the subscription will automatically turn off, so he doesn’t need to do anything. Tell him he can continue using his subscription until this date.

Baffled Betty wants to cancel her subscription and is not sure how.

Baffled Betty is having some trouble with her account. "I’m halfway through trying to cancel my subscription, but it’s giving me different options. I want my subscription stopped today, so how can I make sure I won’t be charged further?"
When Betty has clicked through Payment & Billing > Cancel, she will see two options. One will be ‘End now and get a refund’; the other will be ‘Don’t charge my subscription again’. If Baffled Betty wants to stop without further charges, tell her to select the first option, and then to follow the steps to ‘Continue cancellation’. It’s that simple - no need to be baffled after all!

Savvy Sandip wants to set his account to auto-renew.

Savvy Sandip is looking for ways to save time. He wants to set his Microsoft subscription to auto-renew, and has logged in, but can’t find any option to select his subscription. "Have I done something wrong?" he asks you. "I am hard of hearing, so would prefer not to have someone explain over the phone".
You can reassure Sandip that it’s unlikely he’s done something wrong! Rather, you should ask him whether he bought his Microsoft subscription from a third party. If he has, you should explain that he must get in contact with the third party to manage his subscription and billing. To be extra helpful, direct Sandip to the Microsoft self-help page for managing third party subscriptions. This way, he doesn’t have to speak over the phone to anyone but can follow instructions on the screen. Don’t forget to tell Sandip that if he has any other issues, he should get back in touch and you’d be happy to help!

Motivated Michelle has problems after unsubscribing from her account

Motivated Michelle managed to cancel her Microsoft subscription a couple of days ago, but now has a problem. She says that she recently tried to open her CV in Word to update it, but that it wouldn’t let her edit it. "Also", she asks, "why do I keep getting notifications saying Unlicensed Product? Has my laptop got a virus now?"
You can tell Michelle that this does not mean that her laptop has been compromised. The reason that she cannot edit her documents, and that she keeps getting notifications, is because she has cancelled her subscription. When a subscription is cancelled, Office runs in View Only mode, which means that documents can be opened and printed but not edited. So when Michelle is trying to change her CV in an office document, she won’t be able to. The notifications are appearing for the same reason: because she is no longer on the subscription. It’s nothing to worry about, but advise Michelle that she should find a way to edit her CV not through Office if she still needs to change something urgently.

What now?

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