As a thank-you for all of your hard work so far on National Express, we have selected you to be part of an exciting and exclusive new venture, which will allow you to help out more National Express customers! These are questions from National Express customers, but have been routed to you via a unique channel called ‘Limitless Live Messenger’.

What is that?

Limitless Live Messenger is a new feature which will be placed on the National Express website very soon! It will appear as a pop-up box on the Contact Us form FAQ page of the website, and customers can use it to ask questions which directly get routed to you on the app! Live Messenger provides an easily deployable, asynchronous digital channel which businesses like National Express can use, to tap into their most active Ambassadors!

The topics you can answer are the same as you do now for customers who get in touch via the website’s webform. Please note that the tasks coming via Limitless Live Messenger will be labelled ‘NX-LLM’.

Great. What is different for Limitless Live Messenger?

You will respond and review tasks as you normally would on the app. But there are a few changes you need to be aware of.

  1. Reward free: The reward fee for questions routed through Limitless Live Messenger is 75p.
  2. Do not use the FORWARD button: For Limitless Live Messenger queries only, please do not press this button as this would do nothing. Instead, if you cannot help a customer, send a response stating the following: "Thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately, I'm unable to help you with your query. Please call our National Express Customer Service Centre on 0871 781 8181 (Calls to this number cost 13p per minute plus your telephone company’s access charge) between 10 am – 6 pm. Or if your query is regarding an existing booking 0371 781 8181 (local rate, 7 days a week, 8am - 10pm)." Please note that you should only use this template if you feel the query cannot be handled by an Ambassador and needs a Customer Service agent. If you are unsure about what to do, simply PASS the task.
  3. ASK THE CUSTOMER A QUESTION if you need more information: If you need more information from a customer in order to create a helpful response, you can press the 'Ask the customer a question' button. Once you click 'Respond' on a task, you'll see the option to 'Ask a question'.Please use this option to keep the conversation going with the customer so that you will see the customer’s reply. Limitless Live Messenger is more of a chat-style conversation, so you might find that you often need to use this option.

What's next?

You’re all set to take the Limitless Live Messenger quiz. Good luck, you've got this!