Welcome to the Reserve Troops! Get going in 4 simple steps

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to learn how
to use the app

---5 mins---

the "all about Limitless"

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how to help
other players

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your Wargaming brand quiz

What's in it for me?

Limitless rewards your brand ambassadors for resolving enquiries €10
Successfully complete both quizzes
and do some practice questions in the app
Limitless rewards your brand ambassadors for resolving enquiries €2
For each question you answer which gets positive reviews from other Troopers

Great. What do I have to do?

You have 2 simple tasks as a Wargaming Trooper on Limitless – it’s super easy!

1. RESPOND to questions

In the app, you will find questions from customers. To earn money and points you just need to write a helpful response back. If you are not sure of the answer you can use the Knowledge Library in the app anytime.

Here are the 3 key steps involved in responding to a question on the app:

  1. Type in your response in the response field.
  2. Select a response code which best describes the nature of the question.
  3. To send your answer, you'll see 2 options - 'Respond & keep conversation open' and 'Respond & end conversation' .
    • Choose 'Respond and keep conversation open' if you need more information from the customer in order to answer their query effectively. This button enables you to ask the customer a question.
    • Choose 'Respond and end conversation' if you can help resolve the customer's query in one single response. Once you choose this option, your answer will also drop into the review pool, for other Ambassadors to review. (You earn money for your answer, if other Ambassadors give positive votes or reviews for your response.)

2. REVIEW responses by other Ambassadors

Reviewing is a key part of being in the Limitless Community. You will see tasks in your app labelled REVIEW. To review you just need to read the response another Ambassador has created and vote on it.
Remember, an Ambassador only gets paid if the review provided by peers is positive, so please review fairly. You would want them to do the same for you.

Watch this video to see how to respond or review on the Limitless app.

Super. What else do I need to know?

PASS when in doubt
If you’re unsure how to respond to a question, don’t worry. Select the PASS option and move onto another question.

FORWARD if the query needs to be answered by Wargaming
There specific queries you cannot answer and would need to route to Wargaming's Customer Services team. Use the FORWARD option in the app in such instances.

'Respond and keep conversation open' if you need more information from the customer
If you need more information from a customer in order to create a helpful response, please press the 'Respond and keep conversation open' button.

REPORT if you find it inappropriate
If you see any content that is inappropriate or sensitive information (such as an email, address details, credit card information etc.) from either a customer or an Ambassador , please select REPORT – our team will review the content and remove it from the app.

BUILD ON if you’ve more information to add
While reviewing, if you feel that a response created by another Ambassador needs more information, you can add on to the response during the review process. We call this a BUILD ON. Only BUILD ON if you know that the answer given is inaccurate or incomplete and you have further information that will add value.

Ok, how exactly do I perform a BUILD ON?

You’ll be able to BUILD ON to a response the same way you answer a question – i.e. by typing into the ‘response field’ . When you are doing this, take care not to contradict the response you are building on. You can start the build-on with phrases like "Hi, you may also like to know that…." or "In my experience, I have also found this.......to be very helpful." You can find more information on BUILD ONS in the Knowledge section, once you log into the app.

Remember you can earn money on a BUILD ON too. Other Ambassadors will review all the responses associated with the question, the points and rewards will then be split based on the voting outcome.

To summarise, what are my voting options?

  • LIKE if you think the response is correct
  • DISLIKE if you think the response is not correct
  • PASS if you are not sure
  • BEST ANSWER when the response is clearly, unquestionably awesome and can't be improved upon. We use such answers to coach new Wargaming Troopers and to improve our in-app Knowledge Library

Show me an example

Player Question - Hi, While gaming, the enemy tanks keep disappearing. I fire on a target and a couple of seconds later the target is no longer visible. then it comes back again in a different position. Looking at the battle theatre the enemy tanks keep fading away and coming back. My teammates don't seem to have this problem. I see them firing at nothing. In the meantime, I am being fired at by tanks I don't even see. This is especially frustrating, especially with destroyers. Can you help? I am using an Acer Aspire 5750 and Intel HD Graphics 3000. Maybe not strong enough? Look forward to your reply. Kind regards. A. Cowl 


Hi there, thanks for emailing us.

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues spotting enemies.

Every tank has a different spotting range and view range. You can also train your Commander to see farther. That means if you are against tanks that are, say, 20km away and your view range is 19km, you won't see these tanks, but they will see you as they might have better view range. For more information, please check this link

I would also like to assure you that this not an issue with your graphics card, as these are the game mechanics.  I hope this helps. Should you have any further enquiries, please feel free to contact us again.



Please visit this link to understand more about how spotting mechanics works.

Best answer

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry to hear that you are having issues spotting enemies and I can understand that this can be frustrating. I am happy to provide you with some tips so you can be better prepared while on the battle-field.

Every tank has a different spotting range and view range. You can also train your commander to see farther. That means if you are against tanks which are 20km away and your view range is 19km, you won't see these tank, but they will see you as they might have better view range. This is nicely explained on our forum. I've also found this YouTube video to be very helpful.

Lastly I would like to say that this is not an issue with your graphic card, as these are the game mechanics. You can also read more about game mechanics here. Don't forget to use the search function to look for a post before making a new post.

I hope this helps and wish you a great day ahead. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

Ok, any tips for creating great responses?

Be yourself
Your goal is to respond to the player's question, make them feel valued and show that you care that they have taken the time to get in touch. It's that simple! It’s your personality and brand passion that will really make the difference in your responses. We rely on you to be natural, warm and polite.

Always put yourself in the player's shoes
Before pressing send, re-read your response and think; "If I was the customer, does it answer all my points and would that make me happy?". Even if the answer is not what the customer wants to hear, has it been worded in a way that would make me feel valued?

Use the Knowledge Library
Everything you need to know is in the Knowledge Library in the app. Make sure you do your research before answering.

Check your spelling & grammar
Remember to do your spelling and grammar checks. A poorly worded response will reflect badly on the brand and ultimately on your rating in the app. 

What's next?

You’re all set to take our ‘Limitless’ quiz. We'll be testing your knowledge of the Limitless app as well as your Polish language skills in this quiz. Good luck, you've got this!