Learning Objectives:

This training is designed to empower Microsoft Ambassadors with a deeper understanding of the Customer Experience Framework and successfully provide Microsoft customers with great support experiences.

It is important that we understand:

  • Learn Customer Expected Behaviours and why they matter.
  • Context we use to translate and create great experiences.
  • Our roles in achieving our goals.

Now, let’s look closer at each of the priorities of the Customer Experience Framework.

Each of these priorities has been carefully crafted to ensure success at providing the best experience to all Microsoft customers:

  1. Empower Me
  2. Help Me
  3. Advise Me

Enpower, Help, Advise, & Enable


“EMPOWER ME” is about providing customers with the information they need to solve their own challenges.

Empower Me means helping customers to prevent issues and enabling customers to help themselves.

GOAL: Customers can self-solve more of their issues and are more satisfied with their self-help experience.


“HELP ME” is about providing expert assistance to Microsoft customers when they cannot solve technology issues or find answers to the questions on their own.

In those cases, customers want to know that they can talk to an expert who will understand their problem and quickly provide a resolution.

Every assisted support interaction with a Microsoft customer has to be an excellent experience.

GOAL: Customers are more satisfied with the help they receive (overall resolution time, ease of resolution).


“ADVISE ME” is about helping Microsoft customers maximize the use of their products and services.

By understanding what a customer is trying to accomplish, we can advise them about all the benefits Microsoft technologies can offer—and help them achieve more.

GOAL: Advise Microsoft customers on how they can achieve more from their Microsoft products and services. Customers who have been advised are more satisfied with support overall.


“ENABLE ADVOCATES” is about enabling advocates to support customers on behalf Microsoft.

Microsoft cares deeply about its customers and Microsoft knows that great customer experiences start with you, the frontline advocates!

Microsoft is investing to make sure partners and frontline advocates are set up for success. To deliver great customer experiences to Microsoft customers, advocates need to understand, feel and act with a deep sense of responsibility. It’s about doing the right thing for the Microsoft customer - always.

GOAL: Advocates support customers on behalf of Microsoft and enable customer success with the best experiences.

Customer Expected Behaviours

The Customer Experience Framework is the blueprint for what we will do.
CARE defines how we must act to achieve our goals.

CARE represents the behaviors customers expect when receiving support and each behavior is equally important.

C is for Communicate Effectively

  • Communication isn’t just what we say, it’s about our overall tone and making sure to convey the appropriate and intended messages. Customers seeking assistance don’t need the extra burden of having to interpret what we mean and should never feel misunderstood or dismissed.
  • To communicate effectively, we need to think about setting appropriate expectations, actively listening, engaging swiftly and meaningfully, and ensuring that the customer truly trusts that we understand their issue and its impact.

A is for Accountable

  • Being accountable means staying with the customer until the issue is resolved. It’s important to take ownership even when you’re collaborating with others. We must always be sure to follow through on our promises.
  • I’m sure you can think of a time as a customer when you’ve been on a call wanting help, only to be passed from person to person. It’s quite frustrating, isn’t it?

R is for Resourceful

  • No one is expected to have all the answers.
  • It’s ok to ask for help and use the expertise you have around you to help customers.
  • Asking for help is not a sign of weakness—it’s resourceful.
  • Quickly bringing in the relevant expert when needed and making sure the customer has simple and clear access to the right support solution is always the right thing to do.

E is for Empathetic

  • Empathy is where it starts. It’s important to truly understand issues from the customer’s perspective, anticipate their needs, and approach the situation holistically.

Remember Who You Are Impacting

  • No matter the situation, you impact a customer’s day when you provide support to them on behalf of Microsoft.
  • Helping one Microsoft customer could have a far- reaching impact that’s bigger than you could have known. Therefore, approach every interaction, every action, and every experience with the CARE it deserves.
  • Please refer to the Customer Expected Behaviors regularly as a toolkit to constantly improve the customer’s experience.

What's next?

You’re all set to take the ‘Customer Experience Framework’ quiz and earn your $5. Good luck, you've got this!