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On every user experience test you complete, which gets positively reviewed by our team.

Great. What do I have to do?

You need to do 1 simple task on the app to earn money

RESPOND to test scenarios
In the Limitless app, you will find tasks which ask you to test new features and provide feedback on your user experience.
Once you provide your response to a test scenario via the app, it will be reviewed by the Limitless team. Once it has been reviewed as a satisfactory submission, our team will rate your answer positively, at which point you get paid. Your balance will be updated in the Limitless app, and you can redeem your earnings at any point from the app.

What's in it for me?
$5 once you finish your learning successfully
$1.50 for every test scenario completed and approved by our team

Tell me more about the different types of tasks.

  • Confirming information: This involves finding and reading information to confirm it's accurate. You may also be asked for your feedback on the information provided.
  • Testing a feature: This involves testing a specific feature. You will be given step by step instructions to make sure you are accessing the scenario in the right way so you can report back whether it is working correctly or not. Please make sure you only take on the tasks based on devices that you have access to.
  • Is a process working?: These types of tasks may require some more time to complete as you will be asked to test a feature but also confirm if the process is working correctly.
  • Tell us about your experience: This involves sharing feedback on your experience. This is your opportunity to be open and honest about what you think so make sure you give as much detail as you can.

What else do I need to know?

Press PASS on the app, if you're not sure or if the task doesn't apply to you. Please press PASS if you do not have the relevant device described in the task.

PRESS REPORT: If you need help completing a task, press REPORT to send a note to the Limitless team.

Personal Information: Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is any data that could potentially identify an individual (e.g. name, address, phone, email). Please do not share any PII when providing feedback on the app.

No need to use the FORWARD button: Ignore the forward button in the app. It doesn't apply to the type of tasks you'll do, and it will prevent you from earning rewards.

Always use the default browser for your device when testing. When completing any task, please use the default browser for the device you are using. Examples of this are Safari for Apple devices, Chrome for Google and Samsung devices, and Internet Explorer/Edge for Microsoft devices.

Here are a few screenshots of what you may encounter. The red circles show where the webpages are misaligned or there is a text issue.

How do I craft the perfect response on the Limitless app?

Once you've completed a test, make sure you follow the steps below to create the perfect response. Or simply watch this video to get an idea.

Type your response into the 'response field'. Include the following details:

  • Whether the test was a success or a fail.
  • Did you encounter any issues?
  • You can also attach a screenshot if there was an issue.

Now click the 'Respond and end conversation' button.

In the next page, you can now review your response and check everything is fine.

Now select the default option under the Response Code field. You'll also see a field called Tags - please enter the browser and device which you used in this field.

Show me an example of how to give great feedback and get rewarded

Task: Check if you experience any issues when previewing recipes. Here are your step-by-step instructions:

  1. Navigate to in your browser
  2. Choose a random recipe and click on its image to open a preview
  3. Scroll the preview, any noticeable visual issues or text issues?

How to respond to this task

Hi, I tested this feature successfully and noted the following:

The text was overlapping with the picture of the Carbonara and I was unable to click to view the recipe. I have attached a screenshot. Hope this helps.

How NOT to respond to this task

I was unable to complete this task.

What's next?

You’re all set to take our Limitless quiz. Good luck, you've got this!