Become an expert today and start chatting to people who are interested in becoming a Sun Basket customer.

You’ll help people who are interested in joining Sun Basket with their questions whilst taking the opportunity to tell them about your own experience as a Sun Basket customer and what you love about the brand.

You'll earn cash rewards through our app for assisting people who are interested in becoming a Sun Basket customer. You’ll be helping answer any questions they might have and encouraging them sign up to Sun Basket.

Primary Goal - You’ll be rewarded for having great conversations and sharing the Sun Basket love.

Secondary Goal – Always where possible share the sign up link during your conversation. Don’t worry, your rewards aren’t based on the number of sign ups, it’s all about having great conversations!

Here’s a quick recap of what you’ll need to do.

RESPOND to questions in your task list.

REVIEW answers from other experts.

EARN money and rewards when your answers are reviewed positively by the Expert community.

RECIEVE CUSTOMER RATINGS on your answers, which will be displayed on the app as your rating.

Great, tell me more!

Before we get started, you might be asking yourself ‘what exactly is a prospect?’. A prospect is a potential or likely customer, this is the target audience you will be helping. You will notice this terminology being used throughout the learning.

Sun Basket will be posting Meal Chat Facebook adverts, with the idea to let the meals speak for themselves. These adverts will show beautifully-plated Sun Basket meals in the style of a Messenger chat, with the ability for prospects to chat with real customers to get their questions answered - this is where you come in!

Here is an example:

  • When the prospect clicks on the Facebook advert to ‘Send Message’
  • This will open Facebook Messenger where they will automatically be asked the following 3 questions which will includes a choice of options to select
  • This helps you have a more personal conversation with the prospect about their interest in Sun Basket and helps you understand any key preferences they may have ie. Vegan
  • This information will be shared with you to help you begin your conversation
  1. First Name
  2. Who's at your dinner table?
    1. Me (1 person)
    2. Me and 1 other (2 People)
    3. Family, kids under 12 (3-4 people)
    4. Family, teenagers or adults (3-4 people)
  3. Do you follow a particular diet? Choose one
    1. Paleo
    2. Low Carb
    3. Gluten Free
    4. Vegetarian
    5. Vegan
    6. Pescatarian
    7. Mediterranean
    8. None
  4. Cook Time: How much time do you have to cook?
    1. Under 20 minutes
    2. Up to 30 minutes
    3. Up to 45 minutes
    4. It varies

You will see the prospect’s response to the 3 above questions on each new message that comes through to the Limitless app.

If you're responding to an existing conversation with a prospect, you'll be able to see up to the last 6 messages in the conversation in the task.

Remember that the Sun Basket meal plans come in servings of 2 and 4. If the prospect is eating for 1, that still works out - dinners that can be cooked once but eaten twice!

The prospect will have the opportunity to ask any additional questions, so you may see this on the task on the app.

What types of questions might I be asked?

Prospects will have a variation of questions relating to Sun Basket and the meal plans. We suggest you keep yourself familiar with the Frequently Asked Questions on the Sun Basket webpage, as there is lots of useful information there which will help you assist the prospect. You can also find this information on the Knowledge Library within the Limitless app.

Here are some additional questions which you might find useful to ask the prospect (if they haven’t already mentioned) in order to assist them further.

  1. What are your health goals?
  2. Are there foods you prefer to avoid?
  3. How many times a week would you like to cook?

During your conversation, take the opportunity to share your own personal experiences as a Sun Basket customer and any useful tips you think might help.

Encouraging the prospect to sign up

Once you have assisted the prospect with all their questions, it's good to encourage them to sign up. You’ll probably know the right time to share the sign up link so do this when you feel it’s natural. Then remember, your rewards aren’t based on the number of sign ups, it’s all about having great conversations!

What if I cannot find the answer to a question on the Sun Basket website?

In this instance it is okay to tell the prospect that you have not experienced that scenario before and/or you cannot find the relevant information online to assist them further.

You can suggest that they connect with the Sun Basket Customer Service team for more information. They can do this by sending the expert the link to this webform

Prospect: Hi there, I’m looking to arrange a partnership with Sun Basket for my blog.

Expert: Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. Great to hear that you’d like to partner up with Sun Basket, please get in touch with their Customer Service team directly who can assist you further. You can contact them using the form found here

Guidelines for creating a great response

Understand the prospect

After understanding the prospect's response to the three qualifying questions, explained above, it’s good to ask other appropriate questions in order to understand more about the prospect’s interest in Sun Basket better and any additional preferences they might have. This will also help you have a more personal conversation and have great engagement.

Provide assistance

The prospect may have questions about Sun Basket and the meal plans. Be sure to answer each one by validating the information on the Limitless Knowledge Library and/or on the Sun Basket website.

It’s really important to share your Sun Basket experiences with the prospect to help encourage them to sign up.

Talk about why you love Sun Basket, what works for you. Add a touch of your personality to build a relationship with the prospect. When you have something in common, feel free to share any advice or tips that you feel would be beneficial to them when joining Sun Basket and selecting a Sun Basket meal plan.

Encourage them to join

This should feel like a natural point in the conversation where the prospect has shown a continuous interest in Sun Basket, you’ve shared your experiences to build confidence and trust in the Sun Basket brand.

Help them sign up by providing the following link You can provide the sign-up link at any part in the conversation where you feel it is right to do so or if the prospect has asked you how and where they can sign up.

Show me an example

Prospect: Katie

Number of people at the dinner table: Family (3-4+ people)

Diet followed: Vegetarian

Time to cook: Less than 20 mins


Hi, I always find it difficult to decide what to cook for dinner on weekdays and I don’t have much time with having kids. Can you recommend any meal plans that would make my life easier and something that the whole family would enjoy? Katie


Hi Katie, thanks for getting in touch! I know this feeling well. As a dad of 3, I was constantly feeling the time pressure to cook up something tasty for my family in the evenings that they would all enjoy. Sun Basket meal plans are a life saver!

I see that you are interested in vegetarian meal plans for 3-4 people that will take you less than 20 minutes to cook so I’d recommend xxxx


Hi John

Glad I’m not the only one! I worry the vegetarian meals might be a bit bland and my kids are pretty fussy. How good are they?

I was worried about this too, but I can tell you that all of the meals I’ve had are really delicious and so fresh. I have been getting Sun Baskets for 6 months now and I’m delighted with the with the variation of meals available and how tasty they are with little cooking time. We’re not a vegetarian household but try to eat less meat. We’ve had some of the vegetarian options and loved them - I’d be happy to recommend a few dishes!

Last week we had the Pappardelle with wilted greens and we’ve also had the Tokyo fried rice with corn - both were delicious. I’d recommend trying them out. There’s some really helpful information on the Sun Basket website that’s worth taking a look at -

It’s great to hear first-hand from a real customer that the meals are great. We love pasta! Also if I decide one week that I don’t want a delivery if we are away on holiday, can I change the dates I get meals?

When it comes to delivery, you can amend your weekly deliveries easily on your account online. All changes must be made the Wednesday before your delivery by Noon PST / 3pm EST.

Great, I think you have convinced me, it’s so tiresome thinking about what to cook for dinner each week!

I’m so glad to hear that! Agree with you on the cooking decisions bit I can assure you that by signing up to Sun Basket you will enjoy selecting your weekly meals and be eager for the new recipes each week. If you are interested in signing up, you can do so by clicking on this link;

I hope I have helped you with your questions today, please do get back in touch if you have any other queries. Have a great day Kate.

What's next?

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