Hey Ambassador

We help Talenti lovers like you answer questions from other customers, and earn rewards and points through our app. Here’s a quick recap of what you’ll do as an Ambassador.

  • RESPOND to questions in your task list
  • REVIEW answers from other Ambassadors
  • EARN money and rewards when you answer a question and it’s been reviewed as the right answer
  • RECEIVE CUSTOMER RATINGS on your answers, which will be displayed on the app as your rating


And what topics can I NOT answer? 

  • Complaints - dissatisfaction about price, product etc
  • Sensitive content
  • Import/export queries
  • Ingredients and allergen information
  • Media or legal queries

Ok, take me through the topics I CAN answer

Product availability queries

Lots of customers will want to know where to find their favorite Talenti Gelato. Luckily, you can help the customer find what they’re looking for.

Use the Talenti website, as it has a handy tool where you can select a store to purchase directly. The link is www.talentigelato.com/findtalenti and it will locate stores with availability near you. Always try to do the search for the customer and be extra helpful.

We can also advise the customer to speak with their store manager and ask to order it in.

If someone is looking for their favorite product but it’s no longer on the website, it’s likely that it has been discontinued. You can confirm that Talenti does not hold any extra product to sell or any further information regarding future availability.

As Ambassadors for Talenti, you can only answer queries about products within the U.S and cannot say where exactly to buy outside of the U.S.

Samples and Coupon Requests

Sometimes customers will get in touch asking for free samples or coupons to try the brand’s products.

Talenti only produces samples and coupons of products for specific marketing activities and so it is best to advise customers to follow the brand on social media so they will be notified when and where samples will be available. you can also suggest that they check the newspaper and local store circulars for coupons.

How do I stay updated with the latest news and promotions?
Advise customers to follow the brand on social media so they will be notified when and where samples or coupons will be available!

General ingredient information

Talenti is open about the ingredients that are being used, and there is some generic ingredient information available on the website www.talentigelato.com Use the FAQ section in the website to look up commonly asked questions about packaging, ingredients, flavours etc. However, Ambassadors cannot always respond to all ingredient queries, especially if it concerns allergens. If you cannot find the answer to specific ingredient queries on the website or in the Knowledge Library, Forward it back to the Consumer Engagement Centre, who'd be better placed to help the customer.

General promotional queries

On occasions Talenti has promotions available to customers, these vary depending on the marketing activity at the time. All information regarding the promotion(s) currently happening will be on the Knowledge Library. Always keep an eye on the website as well as the social media pages.

Recipes, suggestions and ideas

Talenti loves hearing good and creative ideas of consumers so please encourage them to share it via the Social Media pages.
Talenti cannot accept any unsolicited ideas in the areas of advertising, new product names, marketing, artwork, etc. If the submission relates to a design or technological solution or if you are the owner of a published patent application which relates to technology then please visit www.unilever.com/innovation/collaborating-with-unilever/open-innovation/index.aspx for further information.

What's next?

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